Phase 1: Surveys

Deep Maps aims to recover some of the complexities of our relationship with our coastal environment via history. With the web resource that we are currently developing, we will use encounters with that history to prompt a different approach to the marine environment. Yet how best to research and visualise that connection between past and present? How can we make meaningful connections between depletion and degradation of the marine environment and our growing knowledge of the deeply storied past of this unique coastline? Our project is currently concerned with just this issue and we are now working on ways to assess sources and origins for stakeholder knowledge about the coastline. In order to assess stakeholder knowledge about the marine environment and to communicate this information along with the project findings, we implemented a series of surveys in a subset of those sites selected for inclusion in the Deep Maps project along the West Cork coastline.

Questionnaires were created and in person interviews were conducted at 8 of the 25 sites across the four research areas and focused on Government; Civil Society; Scientific Research\Education; and Commercial groups. The total number of respondents was 176 (n=176). The selected survey areas include:

Area 1

  • Glengarrif
  • Bantry Bay

Area 2

  • Schull
  • Ballydehob

Area 3

  • Lough Hyne / Lough Ine
  • Skibbereen

Area 4

  • Timoleague
  • Clonakilty

These surveyed areas are indicated in orange on the below distribution map.

For a brief outline of the results please refer to the following link.