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The Irish Research Council shines a spotlight on #LoveIrishResearch in University College Cork with a blog post on our very own Deep Maps:West Cork Coastal Cultures which is funded under the council’s New Horizons Award. The Irish Research Council was established and mandated in 2012 to:

  1. Fund excellent research within, and between, all disciplines, and in doing so to enhance Ireland’s international reputation as a centre for research and learning.
  2. Support the education and skills development of excellent individual early stage researchers and cultivate agile independent researchers and thinkers, whilst offering a range of opportunities which support diverse career paths.
  3. Enrich the pool of knowledge and expertise available for addressing Ireland’s current and future challenges, whether societal, cultural or economic and deliver for citizens through collaboration and enabling knowledge exchange with government departments and agencies, enterprise and civic society.
  4. Provide policy advice on postgraduate education and on more general research matters to the HEA and other national and international bodies.  In giving the Council this role, the Minister for Research and Innovation requested that particular attention be given to the arts, humanities and social sciences (AHSS).

For more information about the Irish Research Council visit their website, and follow the #LoveIrishResearch hashtag on twitter to learn more about the different types of research they are involved with.