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We are delighted to see our principle investigator Professor Claire Connolly features on University College Cork’s list of Women in Research today.

“Time spent reading books is at the centre of my research, which I regard as my great good fortune. I write about eighteenth- and nineteenth-century literature and until recently was often obliged to visit research libraries to locate books of interest. These days I can find lots of older items online, including novels that I once travelled hundreds of miles to read. I still think that nothing beats a few days surrounded by books in a well-stocked, properly-lit library. Such time is precious. Researching literature requires care, thought and patience, though serendipity also has a part to play: there’s huge pleasure in coming across a telling scene in a novel or a wonderful line of poetry, the kind of research experience that opens up new avenues of apprehension. I’ve always been curious about the shaping power of culture and interested in literature as part of a wider social, political and historical story. More recently, I’ve been discovering some of the ways in which literature registers environmental risks and have become conscious of the costs of a gulf between the sciences and the arts. The project on which I am currently working is funded via an Irish Research Council New Horizons call that asked established scholars to get involved with STEM researchers on topics of shared interest. Deep Maps: West Cork Coastal Cultures sees a collaborative team face that challenge. Currently, I’m thinking about how sea and shorelines are realised within poems and novels and how literature is enmeshed with and might help us to appreciate the complexity and fragility of natural systems.” Claire Connolly, Professor of Modern English at UCC and Principal Investigator, with Dr Rob McAllen (School of BEES, UCC) on Deep Maps: West Cork Coastal Cultures. #uccourcampus #inspirefest #loveirishresearch

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Congratulations from everyone on the Deep Maps team!