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Well today was the day of our Lough Hyne fieldtrip and what a fabulous day it was. We arrived at Kelly’s Pier on the West side of the lough to meet Dr. Rob McAllen and Teri Kearney of Skibbereen Heritage Centre and author of “Lough Hyne from Prehistory to the Present”. From there we took a brief trip to the lab to drop our gear before taking in some of the archaeology along Glanafeen.


Our mode of transportation for the day

We had the pleasure of taking our archaeological/historical trip to the water as well as we encountered the range of prehistoric, medieval and early modern sites along the lough’s coast. Terri provided amazing insight into the ritualistic and industrial significance of the site while Dr. Rob McAllen augmented our historical lessons with the range of environmental and marine cultural information pertaining to the extent of the lough. If ever a working example of the transdisciplinary nature of our project could be found it was at Lough Hyne today.


An example of eutrophication, or as it is more commonly known ‘algal bloom’.

Following our wet and wonderful tour along the coast, was a brief progress meeting  where we discussed our upcoming events and community engagements. Of particular note is the upcoming Touch Tanks at Lough Hyne event which we shall all be attending. This event will provide attendees with the opportunity to interact with, and learn about the  biology of the animals and other life in the lough.