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Dr. Rob McAllen and I are both committed to highly particular forms of investigation into Ireland’s south-west coast: for Rob, this means time spent diving in and sailing on Europe’s first statutory Marine Nature Reserve at Lough Hyne, analysing findings and writing up the results; for me library and archival research into such little known Irish poets as Jeremiah Joseph Callanan – who may have written a novel set on Lough Hyne in the 1820’s.

While my research environment is characteristically drier and warmer than Rob’s, we are both moving ourselves outside our normal comfort zone with this project. The collaboration is an open and questioning one that we hope will lead to new and effective ways of visualizing the West Cork coast.

To help us move into deeper waters, we are joined by researchers whose backgrounds encompass art history, digital humanities, literary criticism, marine biology and rural ecology. Here I introduce the Deep Maps research team:

Prof Claire Connolly